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Name:shitpost central
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Community description:shitpost central

What is writtoast?
It's a community for shitposting. Which is, in this particular instance, used to denote posts that are either really short, don't go with your personal journal, or wouldn't be relevant to any other community. Shitposting tends to have little thought behind it, and things like "proper grammar" and "correct punctuation" are often foregone in favour of speedy posting and being Very Very Silly. Your English teacher would weep.

What's the point?
Dreamwidth is usually used a lot like Livejournal. Posts to people's personals may vary widely, but the site was originally created with larger, more thoughtful posts in mind. As such, sometimes people feel a little daunted by the idea of posting shorter and less carefully-written things - like shitposting of the quality you normally get on Tumblr, for example. This is a place where that's completely welcome. People can post however (and whatever) they like here, within some realm of reason.

What sorts of things can people post about?
Literally anything. Personal, fandom, random, nightblogging, music, friending... I'll politely ask you to keep your advertising to a minimum and only advertise if it's relevant to writpost's style and userbase, but no big deal.

Yes there are!! No "callout" posts, keep your flashing gifs and nsfw behind a cut with appropriate warnings, and don't deliberately be an asshole to everybody. Also, limit your roleplay to "only if it's funny at the time". There are other comms for RP. Aside from all that, yeah, pretty much no other rules.

If this is a shitpost comm, why are all the modposts and this page grammatically correct?

Who do I talk to if I have a question/complaint/concern/suggestion?
There is now a feedback post! Please fill it up with comments as and when you need help or have something to say.
Alternatively, you can contact a staff member - this is more recommended if you have a problem involving another member.

Founder: [personal profile] smalldeer
Moderators: none yet.

A general guide to using Dreamwidth
[community profile] tumblr_refugees A comm for users migrating from Tumblr. Very useful!
more coming soon.
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